Kushog Lake

Originally named Kakwakshebemahgog Lake the Ojibway word meaning “long and narrow” a rather fitting name given the lake’s very long and narrow structure. It was later renamed to Kushog most likely for the benefit of the English settlers in the area. Situated just north of Minden, Highway 35 passes across the narrows at the northern end of Kushog Lake. Access is available near the highway crossing as well as on the other end of the lake at the Buckslide Dam.

The lake is divided into two different water bodies, the northern arm and the southern arm. The northern arm is significantly deeper with a maximum depth of over 30 meters compared to the max of 14 meters in the southern arm.

Lake Trout and Smallmouth Bass are both present in the lake. The Trout tend to keep to the north due to its depth meaning anglers have better luck in the winter through the ice. The southern portion offers a steady population of smallmouth bass up to the 1.5kg (3.5lb) range due to the slightly more weeded structure for them to hide in.

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