Horseshoe Lake

Minutes from the town of Minden Horseshoe Lake is accessed via Horseshoe Lake Rd. Being so close to town Horseshoe Lake is a popular summer destination for cottagers and visitors alike. With everything Minden has to offer at your fingertips and Blairhampton Golf Course right around the corner Horseshoe lake is the perfect destination for people looking for a cottage right in the heart of town. Being a relatively shallow lake it is a great option if you’re looking for that perfect shallow entry waterfrontage, and having a nice wide footprint there is lots of space for your favorite water activities. Enjoy the Minden Whitewater preserve at one end of the lake.

Fishing in Horseshoe Lake has many opportunities. Largemouth bass are very present in the lake with the odd smallmouth bass around as well. Most bass are quiet small although there are a few lunkers caught each year. The shallow northeast part of the lake is very weedy and a good hiding area for largemouth bass. A resident population of whitefish also inhabits the lake in decent numbers and are caught by anglers on occasion. Using spinners, spoons or flies you can target these fish.

Lake trout and splake were stocked periodically throughout the 1980’s, but the practice has since stopped. It is thought that there are no more of these trout left in the lake.

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