Haliburton Lake

Haliburton Lake is one of the area’s most sought after summer destinations. With clear, deep waters and a rocky base the lake is a local gem. With several cottages and a few resorts along the shoreline Haliburton Lake brings the Fort Irwin settlement to life. Located northeast of the town of Haliburton via the Harburn Rd, public access is available at the southwest end of the lake at the Fort Irwin Marina. Just a quick trip to the Eagle Lake store or Haliburton for supplies. There’s a large public waterfront park and beach area for all to enjoy and clubhouses for meetings and get-togethers.

With its clear deep waters Haliburton Lake is known for its lake trout population. Although they are the preferred sportfish for area anglers, fishing for these self-sustaining trout is fair at best throughout the year. Success for smallmouth bass that average 1kg (2lbs) is much better. The abundance of rock shoals and drop offs around the lake make for prime smallmouth habitat.

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Home to the Haliburton Lake Cottagers Association you can find more information here.