Haliburton County Real Estate Market September Update

September’s stats are in!

Haliburton is still holding a very strong seller’s market. Although properties are present on the market for close to a month,  average sale prices are well over asking! Average sale prices are 108% of asking price for waterfront and 105% for residential.

Higher end properties (1.5M-2M) have slowed down a bit. These are often selling for close to asking with conditions, or remain listed for longer periods of time. However, there are limited listings in this price range which is making it difficult for buyers to find something. The $2M+ plus range is still very active. It is an uncommon and competitive price range for Haliburton County, and many of the listings in this range are being presented with multiple offers before selling.

If you are looking to buy in Haliburton, patience is key. Have everything in order so you can move quickly when you find something you like and be prepared to be out bid. Be cautious, don’t get caught up with the multiple offers and pay way more than the place is worth to you. If you can’t get it at what you think is a fair price for it then that one just wasn’t for you, something else will come along!

There are currently lots of buyers in the market with a very limited inventory, often creating multiple offer situations. Which is why it’s a great time to sell! If you’re thinking about selling your home or cottage, contact Team Cottage Country today for a free opinion of value!