Kinashingiquash Lake

Dating back to 1826 with the original name of Kinashingiquash Lake and being a famous logging route Gull Lake has a long history. Set between the town of Minden and the settlement of Moore Falls, Gull Lake offers a large body of water with sandy shallow shorelines and a deep center. Take the boat right into town via the Gull River and access all the shops and restaurants main street Minden has to offer. With several boat launches along the lake and river the lake is very accessible. Home to Kilcoo camp and Miners Bay Lodge the lake is full of life!

For fishers the lake offers a great selection. Lake trout are perhaps the most sought after sportfish in Gull Lake and a natural population of lake trout remain in the lake. Fishing is best during the winter ice fishing season and holds until just after ice off. Fishing can be decent for a few weeks before lakers head for deeper waters. Trolling with downriggers is the only effective summertime trout angling method.
Gull Lake also holds both smallmouth and largemouth bass. Fishing for bass can be good at times for bass that average 1kg (2lbs) in size, although they can be found much larger. There is plenty of fine bass structure found around the big lake and anglers should work the weedy bays or the rocky drop offs. Spincasters should try jigs and spinners while fly casters can have great results with crayfish or leech patterns when worked around shoreline structure.

In order to protect the natural lake trout population of Gull Lake slot size restrictions and special ice fishing regulations have been established. Check the provincial fishing regulations summary for details.

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