Drag Lake

Photo of drag lake with a campfire on the shoreline and a birch tree

In the Haliburton Highlands, there are plenty of lakes to call home to your family cottage, but Drag Lake stands out as one of the top lakes in the area. It is one of the larger lakes in the county with plenty of shorelines due to its abundance of bays.

The lake is situated close to the Town of Haliburton, though it does still feel secluded due to its backroad entrance. Any property on the lake is at most a 15 minute drive into town, where there are all sorts of amenities, including restaurants, shopping and medical facilities.

Given everything that Drag Lake cottages have to offer, it is easy to see why it is such a desired family cottage location. Houses for sale on Drag Lake are often sold quickly and hold their value well for those looking to purchase as an investment. The lake and area are very reminiscent of the Muskokas, with the quaint small town feel and beautiful scenery.

Home to the Drag & Spruce Lakes Property Owners Association you can access more information here.

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