Boshkung & 12 Mile Lake

Spanning from just before to just outside of Carnarvon, right off of Highway 35, 12 Mile Lake and Boshkung Lake are highly sought after, easily accessible, large lakes with shallow, sandy shores, and clear waters. This lake chain truly is a gem in Haliburton county. Starting in 12 Mile Lake, flowing through to Little Boshkung and into Boshkung with a short channel connecting to Beech Lake the chain offers miles of boating. With access to Wedgewood RPM Marina on 12 Mile Lake and several resorts including Buttermilk Falls ResortHeather Lodge and Tall Pines Cottages the lakes have everything to offer.

With several restaurants nearby including The Pepper Mill Steak and Pasta House, The Mill Pond and The Rubarb and only a few minutes from Minden these lakes are truly in the perfect location for accessibility and privacy.

Smallmouth Bass and Lake Trout are found throughout the chain Boshkung being also known for Largemouth Bass. Due to the extreme depths in Boshkung (maxing out at 70 meters) sometimes it seems as if the trout have disappeared heading to the depths to escape the summer heat. This makes ice fishing a popular activity throughout the chain.

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Home to the 12 Mile & Little Boshkung Owners association you can find more information here.